Need a Refresher on The Basics?

If you're feeling a bit lost about money, I know just how you feel! 

I started my business over 20 years ago and even as a CPA, holding multiple degrees and other professional licenses, holding onto and growing my money wasn't included in any of that training.

Struggling with the "money" side of your life?

You're in the right place.  In just a few easy steps I can give you a solid foundation with money, and show you how to use yours to DE$IGN your life.  

Ready?! Let's go!

Learn at Your Home or Office

Turns out, learning money basics is actually pretty simple. (Remember the MoneyRx?)

Want to learn from home or get the whole family on the same financial page?

Would you like to plug into "live" group where you can meet, even network, ask your questions and get answers and support?

You'll find all of that here. 

Check out the "Featured" Courses below:

Kids & Money: 5 Easy Ways To Prepare Them For Success

Need an easy way to set your kids up for financial success? The easiest way is to include them in activities you do every day. Learn how!
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"Lady Boss" Money Makeover: 4 Weeks to a Wealthier You

Need to jump-start that savings account to pay off debts and build credit? This signature program finds on average $500 in just 30 days...
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Networking 101: Follow Up With Confidence (Pt 1)

Do you attend events, but struggle with the follow up process to make sales and grow your business? Keep reading! You're in the right place!
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Networking 201: Follow Up With Confidence (Pt 2)

You met the prospects in the FREE 101 course, now it's time to reach out and close the deal. No worries! Level 2 has just what you need...
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"Lady Boss" Money-Maker Membership

This is a FREE membership designed to build a community of money-minded sisters, sharing our knowledge and being there for each other as we build wealth together.