Networking 201: Follow Up With Confidence (Pt 2) by Mildred Dillon CPA

Networking 201: Follow Up With Confidence (Pt 2)

This is the continuation of the FREE Networking 101 course, where we shift into full gear to learn:

1. Proven scripts to use during events that get you follow up appointments.

2. FREE Resources, including CRM, to store, retrieve and manage phone calls, emails and tasks through your phone or tablet (no software installs required)

 To create your own webforms to replace those cumbersome pdf attachments sent to prospects.

4. Live Q&A Coaching calls twice per month and FREE support in a dedicated Facebook Group.

Be sure and checkout the FREE Networking 101 course as a pre-requisite and to download the Workbook.

I'm continually adding updates to course content,  so be sure to sign up and look for confirmation email in your inbox to "confirm" you want to stay in the loop!

What's included?

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During The Event
Video: Do's & Don'ts
9 mins
Networking Workbook - PART TWO
396 KB
After The Event
Video 1: FREE Tech Tools for Back At The Office
10 mins
Video 2: Ditch The PDF - Create a Webform!
10 mins
Phone & Email Scripts You Can Use
Networking Workbook - PART THREE