Credit 101

Most of us, even teenagers and college students have been introduced to credit cards without any foundation or education on how to manage such a crucial area to financial success. 

So we make mistakes, get overextended and fall into the snares of debt traps set for us by the advertising, lending and credit industries. 

The course kicks off with a narrative about my  journey with credit (it's not what you think) - and what I did about it.  

What's included?


The "Game" I Played & Lost!
Part 1: My Credit Truth - (this will shock you)
12 mins
Part 2: The "MoneyDr" Truth
12 mins
Part 3: Your Truth
9 mins
New Rules - Live Chat and Q&A
Live Q&A Session 1: Facing the Facts
Live Q&A Session 2: Figuring It Out
Live Q&A Session 3: Fixing The Problems